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We recommend

Lange Foundation
Los Angeles, CA
A no kill shelter
"Kamp Kanine" Day care for dogs
Land Of PureGold Foundation
Rochelle Lesser~ A wealth of information for your loved pets!
John's Natural Dog Training Co.
Our trainer was Denelle, she's the bomb!
Home Sweet Home - Vet House Calls
Dr. Dawn Ziegler
Cardiff Animal Hosital
Andrew Grant
Commercial Photographer

Rancho Coastal Humane Society
Encinitas, CA

Leash Your Fitness
San Diego, CA

Pamperd Puppy



Sunrise Leash Works
(Custom leather leashes that Zoey & Hudson LOVE!)

PupLife Healthy Dog Supplies

Woofwerks (Dog Collars)
156 Porter St.
Ste 107
Boston, MA
These are Zoey " Hudson's favorite collars!

Doggy Doogle
For the Dog Enthusiast

Canvas Pet
The only online pet food store that donates 100% of its annual profits to local and national pet rescues and shelters.

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