Salmon Paws: 100% Pure Alaskan Wild Salmon



Denelle Smalley, San Diego, CA.
John's Natural Dog Training Co.
"I only use Salmon Paws when training!"

"Still waiting for more SALMON PAWS! What do I have to do ??" Our new puppy LOVES his SALMON PAWS! Great for training!

Paula & new puppy Mason...oh so cute!, Rancho Santa Fe

" Monty learning how to use his new wheelchair with the help of Salmon Paws. Salmon Paws treats help so much with his therapy training!

Monty & Amy

"Mommy says we INHALE our Salmon Paws treats! They're yummy!! Now when she eats her bagel & cream cheese with nova, we get to eat our very own salmon. Mom loves Salmon Paws, because she doesn't have to share her nova at breakfast with us anymore."

Piper & Liam...Massapequa, NY

C'mon dad, give us more Salmon Paws! Our kids just LOVE your new WOWZERS- meal topper in their daily meals!

Jack & Jasmine, Los Angeles

Monty, my 8-year old rescued English Bulldog. He had surgery yesterday to repair 8 ruptured discs in his back. I went to visit him today and brought his #1 favorite treat along! The vet techs had been having a tough time getting him to eat. He scarfed down those Salmon Paws though! And by spreading canned food on top of them, I was able to get him to eat some canned food as well. Salmon Paws are a must-have in our house, but more than ever, I was so happy to see Monty eating them today. We buy ours from Carolina Pet Pantry.

J, York, PA

We LOVE our Salmon Paws! 8 paws up!

Boo Boo & Cinnamon, San Diego

Bella & Berkeley love, love, LOVE SALMON PAWS! Berkeley does the happy dance with a whole new step in his happy. Bella princess sits calmly, excited waiting her turn...then snaps that treat out of my hand like she is a 1000 pound LION!

Bella & Berkeley, San Diego

Giaco & Nevio luuuuuv Salmon Paws!

Moukie, Rancho Santa Fe

"I cannot believe how much my Great Pyrenees loves Salmon Paws! She is not very food motivated, nor is she (or the breed) easy to train. When I brought home the Salmon Paws treats, she was SO excited! I sprinkled the Salmon Paws Wowsers over her food and she was a different dog - voracious!!....Great for anyone who needs to get their dog to eat more! Using the treats for training and she is VERY motivated to work on commands now!! Incredible product...WOW!!"

Kriston Galli, Encinitas

How happy I am to have found this product. I believe in sustainable farming and fishing, and have an Australian Working Kelpie with itching issues. He's raw fed but that doesn't always solve everything. I paid a lot of cash for a saliva test for food sensitivities. Salmon came up as okay to feed. But overfishing and mercury levels concerned me. The Montery Bay Aquarium site says if you eat salmon, choose WILD CAUGHT Alaskan, as it is the most responsibly managed and from relatively clean water. I thought "Yeah right, I'll NEVER find that in a treat." Then I walked into a store and lo and behold! Salmon Paws were waiting for me! A miracle! I opened the bag. Wow. Sure seemed like salmon to me! Tucker thought so too. Now it's one of his favorite treats ever! Please never stop making this!

Laura & Tucker, New York

Since the very beginning of first started our SALMON PAWS business, our Zoey (lab/beagle) would do "ANYTHING" to get some Salmon Paws.
You know the story: when you are trying to get "your Dogs" attention (ex: when they are running out the door), you might "YELL": TREAT-TREAT,
or COOKIE, or BISQUIT... Well, we yell "SALMON" (seriously!) She will stop in her tracks!

Well to this day our gardener always comes over & says: "HI SALMON". He doesn't know her name is Zoey, he has heard us yelling SALMON so much when she was a puppy that he thinks that is her name. We laughed so hard first time we saw him petting her head & saying hello to SALMON.

SALMON PAWS???? For the third time in a week, Salmon Paws rescued me. I've had three very difficult dogs in the last few days and managed to get a shot of all of them thanks to your treats! They were shy & uncooperative, UNTIL I busted out a bag of SALMON PAWS. That's good stuff!

Andrew Grant- Andrew Grant Photography

Oliver loves Salmon Paws hook, line, and sinker he says they are the BEST! (I love Salmon Paws and wish I could chow down on them). Oliver said they are mouth watering good.... When a Mastiff says mouth watering, you know he is loving his treats!!! Thank you for creating such a healthy and yummy snack!

Oliver & Monique

Kita can't thank you enough! She looked a little in SHOCK that she got a yummy topping on her regular boring food! She looked up at me as if to say: "Are you for real? I must be dreaming"! I'm sure that little brain of hers was thinking "OH HAPPY DAY"! It's the best, I love this product! I was tempted to try it myself!!!

Teresa & Kita, San Francisco

I can't tell you what a marvelous difference the Salmon Paws have made for our dear Beau, Golden Retriever. He is 12 years old & we adopted him 3 years ago. He is an ANGEL….and was very afraid when we got him. He has severe spine arthritis, but he is doing so well! We have had to sing and dance and stand on our heads to get him to eat……but NOW he SCARFS up his meal with robust enthusiasm. What a grand product you have. He is treated like a prince…………we LOVE HIM! He just loves the WOWZERS- meal topper!

Beau AKA Muffin Heart, Newport, OR

I run a holistic pet rescue sanctuary. Your products are something I can whole-heartedly recommend to adopters, clients & friends. Your treats are perfect for pet owners who want to feed healthy, grain-free dietss. I love that Salmon Paws are baked at low temperatures leaving much more of the nutrients intact. It is my belief, based on experience, that this gentle baking process produces a healthier treat than freeze-drying does. These Salmon products should be easy to digest & should even be suitable for pets with kidney failure. I'm glad someone has decided to make pet treats the right way! Thank you!

Luckydog pet rescue

l for every time an owner was like- oh don't bother giving xyz salmon, they aren't really into fish.. then the animal would just about take my hand off trying to eat a SALMON PAW, he-he. pretty cute.

Dr. Cheryl Cross
Knoxeville Veterinary, Acupuncture & Holistic Care, TN

Yesterday, after Crossley was introduced to Salmon Paws he wanted more, but I had to stop him. His tail was wagging so much I thought he might fly away. Looks like he has a favorite treat.

Courtney, San Diego, CA

I have two dogs & they both "LOVE SALMON PAWS". We were having trouble getting them both to eat the same food and finally we found the Salmon Paws- Kitty Bitts. We sprinkle them on top of their food & they both eat it right away. Definitely would reccomend all dog owners to try SALMON PAWS!!

Jamie of Lemon Grove, CA

FANTASTIC!!! Our two dogs LOVE Salmon Paws... they come running every time they hear that bag come out of the Fridge. Great training aid or just a healthy snack! Hands Down- the best treats we ever found for them.

Donna of Solana Beach, CA

Our dog Gracie is a sensitive tummy and treats can easily set off a run of diarrhea. We've tried many different types of treats, but they all ultimately end up causing the same problem. Finally we found Salmon Paws and it's something her little tummy can handle! Now we're able to continue to work on her training using Salmon Paws treats as the reward.

Derek Ashauer of San Diego, CA

I LOVE your Salmon Paws for dogs!!! They break up easily for training and they have really helped my dog Jazz wean off of food in the Rally ring- I can keep the scent on my hand and it fools her long enough to complete the course for no food! It is also nice to have a treat that the ingredients are clear and easy to understand.

Stacy Groff / American Flyball Association
My dogs: Gizmo & Jazz/ local rescues
Sarasota, FL

THESE ARE GREAT! My dog Kiwi, goes crazy for them! Knowing they are healthy makes me happy too!

Susan, Del Mar CA.

ROMEO IS IN LOVE ...WITH SALMON PAWS! As a Golden puppy we used Salmon Paws to train him. When he is out in the yard barking & we need him to come in, the only thinkg that will get him to RUN FAST to the door is SALMON PAWS. It's so refreshing to have a healthy treat!!

Loretta Ross, Carlsbad, CA.

Our picky Maltese "BELLO" worried us, we couldn't find anything he really LOVED. Now, we sprinkle the KITTY BITTS on his food, & he licks his lips for more. Thank Heaven for Salmon Paws- Bello turns his nose to all other
products we have tried.

Frank, La Costa, CA

Charlies Favorite Treats by far! Our 3 year old Chocolate lab becomes mesmorized by the smell & is most obedient when he knows he is getting Salmon Paws. If you haen't tried this treat, your dog is missing out!!!

Tiffany, Carlsbad, CA.

OMG, Ever since our dog Kaya (our maltipoo) tried Salmon Paws, she expects it in her food all the time. If we don't sprinkle KITTY BITTS on top of her meals, she will just stand there & looks at us. She will even paw at her bowl or push bowl with her nose. We fear of running out of Kitty Bitts. I just buy more & learned I can even store in the freezer.

Melissa, CA

Hello Zoey and Hudson at Salmon Paws, my favorite new treats from Salmon Paws! I have really enjoyed getting to have salmon as part of my treat world. Who would ever think, salmon, but it is my favorite, so much better than beef. I just gobble them up. Thanks so much for creating this amazing treat and with such care. How you handle it, process it, such healthy treats with no additives. You have created something special with Salmon paws! We know it costs a little more, but my human companions appreciate the effort and time to make these great, healthy treats.

Paws Up, Trixie!


"We'll take 8 bags of Salmon Paws, 5 bags with Broccoli & please SUPER SIZE the Omega Stix!"

Pac-man & Spanky
owner: Gian Curry, San Diego, CA.

The only thing that gets between me & my skateboard is SALMON PAWS! They get me hanging my tongue & my paws. HANG 20

Eileen & (KOOP), San Diego, CA.

P.City Rep..... I tell all my friends about Salmon Paws! Great for my skin & coat. I love them, my favorite! Thank you! Plus my mom loves that they are so healthy. Thank you SALMON PAWS!

Karen & Baylee, Park City, Utah

Our dog Angel needs to take some medication and we would wrap pill in sliced turkey, she would eat it and then spit out the pill. We didn't have anymore turkey left so we rolled the pill in KITTY BITTS, she ate it all up. Including the pill. Thank you KITTY BITTS!

Angel, WA.

THANKS TO SALMON PAWS!!! I was trying to catch a stray dog in the neighborhood for over 1/2 hr. I tried everything , then finally I grabbed the good stuff "SALMON PAWS" & sure enough, he came to me.

Jamie & my 4 legged kids, Bosco & Lucy
Encinitas, Ca.

My cat, Diego, has never taken a treat & then actually eaten it , & often turns his nose up at whole fish cans of dinner. He has been sick, so getting him to eat has been a major concern. I offered him a Salmon Paws- KITTY BIT yesterday & he pounced on it straight away; he continued to eat another teaspoon. I am THRILLED!  Finally, a treat he enjoys. Thanks soooooo much!

Diego, Spokane, WA

Fred's favorite treat! He goes nuts even when he sees the bag.

Amy & Fred, San Diego, CA.

Chloe goes bonkers for her Salmon Paws! Even checked out the ingredients and HUMAN GRADE, mom can have some too!

Chloe, San Diego, CA.

I gave my dogs a salmon treat, sent them outside and then sealed the bag and put it on the counter. I was just going to run downstairs and do some laundry. When I came back upsairs the bag was open, laying on the floor half gone with 3 cats looking rather guilty! The CATS forgot to read on the package that it said dog treats. Their Salmon paws treats were in the fridge! All my babies love salmon paws!

I LUB my Salmon Paws! Mama Andrea sprinkles on my food & also gives me the treats to help with training. My skin & fur Beautiful! The best!!

Gwetel B.

Who could resist these eye's begging for more Salmon Paws! MOOORE MOM?

Calvin B. Ewing Rancho Santa Fe, CA