Learn How to Use Anal Beads If You Haven’t Tried This Sex Toy Before

Renowned as the best anal sex toys for the beginners, anal beads offer extreme pleasure when you use them. This sex toy plays a crucial role in eliminating your fear of trying anal. It shows you how easily you can put something into your butt and then move it to take your excitement to the next level. 

It may be possible that you have not tried any kind of sex toy before and it is your first time with anal beads. You might be trying to learn how to use anal beads to feel comfortable and excited during the act. This article will help you in learning all the critical steps that you can follow with your anal beads. 

Get everything you need:

It is obvious to feel a bit extra excitement when you get a sex toy, but preparation is important. You cannot just lie down and start putting it because it will hurt a lot. First of all, you should choose anal beads with a gradual increase of beads size. It should not be one with too big beads because it is not perfect for the beginners. Your anal beads must be linked to a strong base with a wide loop or ring. That loop will keep anal beads from going thoroughly into the anal canal. 

It will certainly be a pleasing experience for you if you carefully inspect anal beads before you buy a model. Beads with a sharper edge and rugged surface are not ideal for anal stimulation. You must check product details carefully to ensure you are buying the best quality toy for the solo play. 

Apply the lubes:

You would never like to skip this step when using anal beads. The anal canal does not lube itself by releasing any kind of substance. Therefore, when you put something without applying lubrication, the internal walls of rectum prevent it from slipping in easily. The job will be done quite easily if you apply thicker lube. Anal beads are designed to be used with thicker lubes such as oil-based and silicone-based lubricants. 

You may also come across water-based lubes. These substances are great for vaginal sex stimulation but not for anal acts. You need a thicker lubricant because it will add an extra layer of cushion and at the same time it will help you in putting initial beads easily. Thicker anal beads lube last longer and thus you can enjoy longer and experience more pleasure with your anal sex toy. 

Try it solo first!

Anal sex is a very popular form of sex that millions of couples try. You may also be planning to try it. You might decide to try putting anal beads when indulging in erotic activities with your partner, but that’s what you should prevent if it is your first time. 

You do not know how you will react to this sex toy and going rough is never pleasing, especially in case of ass play. Ask your partner to keep calm and practice solo before you go for the main thing. You just need to get in the mood before you try it. Get the beads perfectly lubed and then start gradually. That’s how you will reveal the sensation of putting an object into your butts. You will know how does it feel and why a lot of people love it. 

Feel relaxed and be patient during the act:

Many people love to try anal sex and many simply avoid it. Some people avoid it because of a bad experience when they were trying it. Things can go wrong only if you miss any of the above mentioned crucial steps. 

You should not let it be a frightening experience because you have anal beads to practice anal play and enjoy solo. You must feel relaxed when trying anal beads and let the first bead pass during the insertion phase. You will feel the cold sensation of the lube when the first bead will enter through your rectum. Once it is in there, you can slowly move it back and forth to relieve the stress and prepare for the bigger size beads. 

The second narrowing in the anal canal will require some extra attention. The region around sphincter muscle would allow you to slip anal beads easily if thicker lube is applied. It will not cause pain and you will enjoy the motion of anal beads. You should be patient when pushing the beads in your anal canal. Once the beads are in there, you can start moving them to stimulate anal play and enjoy the moment. 

Pulling the beads out:

Both men and women would love a thrilling session of anal play with anal beads. You would not like to stop when you are feeling comfortable and moving anal beads in there. It will offer much better orgasm to men than they ever experienced before and women would simply feel on the top of the mountain when beads will rub the mutual wall of vagina and anus. 

You will be really excited during the act and you may like to pull all the beads out at once when it is over. The sex educators and experienced users advise that you should not do that. Pulling all the beads out simultaneously can be dangerous because it can hurt your internal organs. Pull each bead out slowly because it will also feel great an exciting.

Clean your sex toy:

You might feel a bit exhausted with a big smile of satisfaction on your face after enjoying a thrilling session with anal beads. Although it was a great experience, you must not forget where you put that special toy. It will be covered in a lot of bacteria that reside in the anal canal. The very first thing you should do after that anal play is cleaning your sex toy with an antibacterial cleaning substance. 

Silicone made anal beads are easy to clean, so prefer this type of anal beads to ensure your toy will be clean and ready for the next session in the future.